Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to me

I need to be me, and i think i’m back on track.

Being mad, getting angry on little things that you may find unimportant, that’s me. And i just felt like coming back to me, getting to my old self which I kind of lost for a short while.

Earning but not reaching, lusting but not requesting.

Leave me alone, let be breath, give me back my air and get out of here, or i’m gonna take over you, i’m gonna invade every little inch of you, i’ll kill all that makes you what you are and turn you it into me.

I am myself and i don’t want you to be me. Let me be the only me, let me be unique.

Let me see all the grey, don’t try showing me the pink. I’ll hate you forever for the pink in life. I am the me who likes grey, I am the me who want’s to get angry and I want you to let me get angry. Stop explaining, stop trying to tell me real story, just let me get angry and let me see the grey.

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