Thursday, October 30, 2008

Give up

I should give up, I have to give up. I don’t want this, but I have to. It’s not pleasant, it’s not what I wish for but, maybe it’s what will make me happy.

I have to get away from all this, leave it behind and go on. I can’t stop here, I’ve swam deeper seas, I’ve crossed higher mountins; this can’t hold me for so long.

I tried, I’ve struggled, nothing seams to work, nothing seams to be enough, but it’s all I can give. This is the last try, and that’s it.
I have to promise this to myself, and keep my word, cause this is not me and I’ll let nothing change me, I’ll not turn into this sad, patetic person for this…it’s not worth this much.

Describe what? Words will never be enough. It’s everytime the same, still it never helps…no word will ever do it.

No one said I should, but I know it, I feel it I …. I’m giving up…

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