Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I, you and we in an imaginary world

I would wanna hear music without sounds.
I would read unwrtitten stories.
I would smell your voice.
I would walk on clouds.
I’d never leave you alone.
I’d swim in a chocolate pound.
I’d have a rabbit as a best friend.
I’d build sand castles.

You would touch my words.
You would miss me when I’m close to you.
You would haunt vegetables.
You would never grow up.
You’d buy me peaches just because you know I hate that.
You would talk to the trees.
You’d be wearing a top hat.
You’d be cutting the grass.

We would live in a deserted house.
We would make friends in the middle of nowhere.
We would drink tea from flower cups.
We would ride dolphins.
We’d be playing violins just for the fun of it.
We’d be sleeping under the stars.

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