Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was taking a look trough some pictures and I saw something, I saw miself somehow.

No, no, it wasn’t actually me, it was just a simple picture, the back of a man wearing a shirt “angry, young and poor”, and yeah, that’s me.

I do know I’m young.
I’m still young at 27, right?

And yes, I can say I am poor, financially speking I am poor.

And about the angry part…I’m realizing that every day I am angrier than then the day before.
I am angry you are not here.
I am angry my favorit place at sea has changed completely.
I am angry I don’t see what I want too see.
I am angry I don’t own what I wish I owned.
I am angry on your every word.
I am angry for each of your gestures.
I am angry with the hole world.
I am angry when the sun rises, I am angrier when the sun sets.

I want this to stop, I no longer wanna be angry, I no longer wanna be raging, I wish I was nice again.

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