Friday, May 15, 2009

Monster story

One morning she just woke up to find that there was no monster, no magic in the air, all was gone, all but the iron cold reality.
Yes, that iron creature was just the cold reality.

Now she realized. Every little piece of her beloved monster was actually a piece of her reality, every inch of iron was an inch of coldness, every angel feather was a warm real touch, each stare in his eyes it’s a stare into reality.
She found in him pieces of all the man she ever met, and every men that she was stil to met. This means that somehow she new her future, pieces of her future, pieces of what was stil to come. Her first thought was to take advantage of that, to use it for making her life better.

But then nights passed by, days flew over, and she changed her mind. Why, you might ask. Well the answer it’s simple. Why try changing the future? The future is unavoidable. Somway, somehow, it will still happen. So why bother changing it? Better try enjoying it, better take the best parts of it, and better take the bad parts softer.

She never stopped dreaming about it, but now she knows. She knows perfection does not exist, she knows there’s no such thing as a soul mate. There are people you might find great, there are people you might end up loving, and there are people you care about. Each one of them matches her, at least pieces of her, each one of them are pieces of that soul mate, of that perfection she dreamed about. In the end, somehow, her dream appears to have become real.

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